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Fiero V-8 Conversion Kit

Our kit allows you to install a small block Chevy engine into any 1984 through 1988 Pontiac Fiero. The kit allow you to retain all stock options, including air conditioning. It is a bolt in installation with no frame cutting required. The weight gain for a 4 cylinder to V-8 swap is about 150 pounds, depending on the V-8 engine used.

Handling is affected slightly at the most. Engines that can be used include any small block Chevy from 1968 through 1985, except the 400 CI engine. Engines 1986 and later can be used with our optional flywheel. Using engines in the 250 to 400 horsepower range have had no drive line failures. It should be noted, however, even though there have not been any drive line failures, that any motor vehicle will fail is subjected to severe and constant abuse.

The cars the kit is designed to fit include all stick shift and automatic Fieros. A kit for automatic transmission cars is available. Automatic transmissions may need to be modified to handle high output engines. Due to the wide variety of individual tastes and local requirements, we do not include the exhaust system with our kits. However we do have some recommendations.

Installation is available at an additional cost.

V-8 Kit Includes: Billet aluminum engine - transmission adapter plate, Billet aluminum front engine mount, Billet aluminum A/C alternator mount, transmission mounts, crank pulley, tensioner pulley, water pump pulley, flywheel, (stick shift) or flex plate (automatic), bolts, spacers as required, starter, remote oil filter adapter, water pump, axels.